USS Bushnell - Key West, FL.
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Dear All,
It is with the deepest regret I need to let you know of my Dad’s passing on July 10, 2016.  I did sent out an email last Sunday, but I am not
sure if it got to any of you.  I would have posted it on the Bushnell Web-site but to be honest I didn’t know how or have the time too.

My Dad loved his Bushnell Buddies and the memories he had from your reunions were treasured.  Please pass on this information.  We did
have a military funeral with Navel personnel to present the Flag to my brother and I and play taps, which I think he would have liked and
know many people commented on.

Allen and My bests to the USS Bushnell group!

Best Regards,

May You Always Have Fair Winds and Following Seas.
Your Shipmates USS Bushnell Group ...            ....  R.I.P.